Established in Switzerland, the HOODTIE® brand was created in 2017 by the Italian designer Ferruccio Tosatto whose style has marked and inspired the world of luxury Haute Horlogerie for many years. With this experience and the prestigious codes of this universe, he creates a unique and audacious accessory intended for men in search of elegance and originality.

A daring designer, he decided to revisit an “institution”: the tie knot. Untouched until then, he reinvents it and elevates it to the rank of jewellery thus offering men of style a new asset for seduction.

We find in the HT all the codes he likes: taut and curved lines, timeless elegance and the taste for detail and mechanical aesthetics.

Passion & Know-how

Hoodtie’s smart design comfortably slips over any tie in seconds, and remains securely in place throughout the day thanks to its lightweight, yet durable construction. Carefully engineered from top quality material, each one is shaped, angled and perfected by hand to ensure long lasting quality and undeniable good looks. Each model is enhanced with decorative elements, which are also shaped, angled and polished by hand.

Unique and exclusive pieces

The finishing and the assembly of all the parts are carefully made by hand making each piece unique with this little supplement of soul brought by the craftsmanship.

In order to obtain the desired mechanical aesthetic and finishing of the HT, all the elements are assembled by made-to-measure screws. This design was chosen by a promise of quality but also in order to allow the personalisation of the elements.


For a gentle launch…

The models are available in five classic and timeless basic colours that will harmonise easily with your wardrobe. Subsequently, other colours will be added and will enrich the collection.


A distinction of choice…

The collection is available on three levels of which you will find the distinctive sign engraved on the front of each piece.

Customized Editions

Based on the products presented on this website, you can customize the model of your choice. You can bring your exclusive touch with a pattern, initials, logo, etc. We can work either from an existing file, from a sketch or even a simple idea.

The techniques of realization can vary according to the desired result, passing from engraving, to coloring or tone-on-tone varnishing, or, for richer effects, with metal appliques.

You can also make several pieces, for example for your company, a sports team, a club, etc. and therefore benefit from a preferential price. Do not hesitate to ask for an offer or information by clicking below.

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You can also discover the exceptional thanks to our Luxury Edition range. Unique models according to your wishes, making use of the craftsmanship of fine jewellery.