Boost your look in the blink of an eye

The design of the HOODTIE® has been studied in order to stand independently on your tie knot. It is installed very simply and quickly thanks to a specific shell shape (see below). Apart from its bold style, it allows, thanks to its masking effect, to always have a perfect knot.

What kind of tie knot to choose?

  1. You’re making a classic tie knot.
  2. Your tie is wide and/or thick enough, you make a simple knot as explained below.

How to place your Hoodtie

For conventional knots, place the HT as shown, then reassemble and adjust your knot as usual.

With a classic knot

So that the knot is at the ideal size for your jewelry, it will be necessary to adapt your knot according to the thickness and the width of your tie. Here are some recommendations to facilitate the task:

For the type of tie knot, we recommend knots that offer a symmetrical effect. For example: Windsor, Half-Windsor, Pratt Shelby Knot.

The thickness and width of your tie will define your choice of knot. If you have a narrow tie, a lightweight and thin fabric, the Windsor will fit very well. It is even ideal because it holds well and slips little. On the other hand, in the case of a thick tie, a Pratt or small knot will be more appropriate as they will take up less space. Avoid long knots, as they may protrude from the shell.

Whichever knot is chosen, it is important to tighten it so that it stays in place. Once placed as explained above, the HOODTIE cannot move, but if your knot slips down, your item of jewellery will follow.

As for the width of your tie, it is according to your taste, but we advise you to avoid ties smaller than 7 or 8 cm (depending on your height) and which would no longer aesthetically support the width of the Hoodtie.

You have a wide and/or thick tie and don’t want to make a classic knot.

You will find below how to put your tie simply. To start, just make a simple cross-knot. Then, depending on the thickness and length of your tie, you may have to carry out one or two very simple manipulations. Explanations:

This method offers several advantages:

  • Speed and ease
  • The length of your tie is immediately correct
  • Your knot does not slip down.

IMPORTANT in any case!

So that the HOODTIE® stays in place and does not fall down, it is important that the tie knot fills it sufficiently. You will feel immediately when placing it if there is too much “float”. In this case we advise you to make a tie knot more voluminous.

  • Ensure that the knot exits are in place in the notches provided (A)
  • Position the HT tongue so that it sits on the top of the knot (B)
  • The 2 ends must be inside the shell.

Your tie must be wide enough to aesthetically support the size of the HOODTIE. We do not recommend ties smaller than 7 cm. Remember that your size will have an influence. If you’re tall, your tie will be thinner under the knot.

The shirt collar

For the shirt collar type, the rule should be the same as for a standard tie knot, i.e. the width of the knot should be adapted to the gauge and the size of the collar. But again, everything is only a matter of taste and preference.

We wish you a wonderful “HOODTIE” experience and remain at your disposal for any questions.