1. Chris アメリカ合衆国

    Haston / Level II / スレート&グレー

    I just received my Hoodtie and WOW!!! I love it😍!!! It surpassed all my expectations and I feel like a million bucks wearing it. It is very fashion forward and everyone that has seen me wear it has asked about it. I love it when I hear someone say they’ve never seen anything like it before ☺️.

    The packaging, the soft case and even an actual signature from the designer blew me away!

    Hopefully I’ll be able to add more to my collection in the future!

    Thankfully yours,

  2. Simone イタリア

    Haston / Level II / チタンブラック

     Mi è appena arrivato questo bellissimo gioiello ringrazio la Hootdie e fantastico non vedo l’ora di farlo vedere ai miei amici grazie ancora

  3. Michael アメリカ合衆国

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

     Beautiful craftsmanship (Level III gold/ black), an exquisite accessory that will surely standout in the crowd. I got bored with the run of the mill Windsor and
    4-in-hand tie knots so I learned ‘fancy ones’ like the Elderidge and Trinity Knots. They’re cool but they can’t compare to the Hoodtie! And it’s so easy to put on, those other knots are kind of a pain to tie! Very pleased,
    worth the investment! Mike

  4. Kera カナダ

    Haston / Level II / チタンブラック

     We ordered this item for my dad for his birthday. He picked it out and we just gave it to him on the weekend. He absolutely loves it already and it’s only been two days. The craftsmanship on this item is flawless. I know he is eying purchasing another one. You have a return purchaser in the near future. We thank you for making a fantastic product and an awesome 65th birthday present.

  5. matsumoto 日本

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)



  6. Karim オーストラリア

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

    The ultimate accessory to stand out from the crowd!
    Very high quality and sleek design, I have received many compliments from wearing this.
    Easy to wear, well made and eye catching. Couldn’t go to an event without it.

  7. Daniel スウェーデン

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

    This jewel really makes the difference!
    An absolute masterpiece. I received my Hoodtie less than a week after the order and everything was perfect!
    I’m really amazed by the quality and the design.
    It’s a real eye-catcher!

  8. Claudio イタリア

    Haston / Level I / チタンスレート

     Sono rimasto da subito affascinato da questo gioiello! Un’idea davvero unica! In più è come indossare un talismano, attira attenzione portandomi fortuna e successo ! Sono veramente soddisfatto del mio acquisto.

  9. Baratto イタリア

    Haston / Level II / チタンブラック

     Hoodtie è l’accessorio che fa la differenza!!! É innovazione ed eleganza, lo indossi con facilità, ma ti da una marcia in più.. Ha solo un difetto.. Uno non basta!!! Non vedo l’ora di ricevere il secondo 😆

  10. Nourdin オランダ

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

     First of all I would love to give a big compliment to Mr. Ferruccio for his great service and communication.

    The Hoodtie pieces are truly a work of art. The quality is amazing and it’s something that will make you stand out.

    Ones again thank you for the great service Mr. Ferruccio

  11. Ernie アメリカ合衆国

    Haston / Level II / スレート&グレー

    If there were a way to give you 10 stars I’d give it! Your product has taken our fashion forward in a clean, classy and yet powerful way! Thank you for the quality. It is a complete joy to put Hoodtie on each and every time we perform. We feel 10 feet tall when we do! Check out our Christmas photo with your product http://www.ErnieLiveShows.com #HoodtieStunning

  12. Alessio Da Ponte イタリア

    Haston / Level II / チタンブラック

    This hoodtie perfectly your outfit, making you a true gentleman.
    The product is unique and of a real quality and the shipments are very fast

  13. Lisardo イギリス

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

     Nothing beats this accessory

    I was looking for a man accessory that was different, unique and found hoodtie, what an idea, I can’t believe it hadn’t been done before.

    The quality is fantastic well worth the price. Hand made and excellent selected materials. this is all great but what I like the most is how easy is it to put it on and how it elevates your style.

    Nothing wrong to say, great work guys

  14. Philippe アメリカ合衆国

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

     I have the black on black version. I am one of these guys who love wearing perfectly tailored suits and Hoodtie is the perfect accessory. Ladies as well as guys inquire about this never before seen accessory when I attend formal events.

  15. Stephen イギリス

    Haston / Level II / スレート&グレー

     I am very impressed with the speed and delivery I ordered two the same by mistake and this was exchanged for another and returned quiet promptly. I’ve worn them twice and on both ocassions I was approached by strangers who admired my hoodtie as one reviewer said I hope they can make matching cufflinks. They have an Iron man hoodtie so maybe the rest may follow Marvel.
    I would highly recommend, the company is very highly customer forcused. I would order again even as a gift for loved ones.

  16. Kaveh カナダ

    Haston / Level II / チタンブラック

     Best designed best quality
    Extremely fast shipping
    I love what I got
    I got 2 in 2 weeks.
    Thanks hoodtie

  17. Pierre-Jean フランス

    Haston / Level I / チタンスレート

     C’est avec curiosité que j’ai acheté ce petit accessoire et je n’en suis pas déçu !
    Très discret mais moderne et disruptif, il complète parfaitement un 3 pièces ou un spezzato pour un effet de matière original. Il permet aussi de sortir du lot sans extravagance.

  18. Cassio スイス

    Haston / Level I / チタンスレート

    Product quality is astounding. Shipment was fast and easy, as well as the communication with the team.

    Thank you!

  19. Kal スイス

    Haston / Level II / チタンボルドー

     C’est selon moi l’accessoire le plus modern, révolutionnaire et incroyablement stylé inventé. Chic et branché, il vous habille en 2 secondes. Si vous cherchez à surprendre et qu’on vous remarque et faire toute la difference à tout type d’événement, il vous le faut. Homme ou femme, c’est le must-have luxueux de qualité remarquable à avoir dans ses accessoires. Un point c’est tout.

  20. Amed アメリカ合衆国

    Haston / Level II / チタンブラック

     My hoodtie arrived well packaged and very quickly. I was impressed with the quality. Each time I wore it I was overwhelmed with the number of positive compliments on my hoodtie jewel. I’m looking forward to making another purchase.

    Thank you so much!

  21. Daniele アメリカ合衆国

    Haston / Level II / チタンネイビー

     Sorpreso dalla qualità del prodotto!
    Usato, e ricevuto i complimenti per lo stile :)))

  22. Tom スイス

    Haston / Level II / チタンネイビー

     Die «Hoodtie» ist ein Accessoire von herausragender Qualität und Design. Das Schmuckstück ist aus hochwertigem Materialien exzellent gefertigt. Ich trage meine «Hoodtie» immer, wenn ich meiner Garderobe noch ein spezielles Sahnehäubchen verpassen möchte. Die «Haston Level II» ist vom Design her elegant und findet die perfekte Balance zwischen extravagant und unaufdringlich, ist aber definitiv ein Hingucker, auf den ich regelmässig bewundernd angesprochen werde. Ein fester Bestandteil meiner Garderobe deren Anschaffung sich gelohnt hat!

  23. David アメリカ合衆国

    Haston / Level II / チタンネイビー

    If you want to add a modern look to your professional dress, this is the way to do it. I’ve recieved soooooo many compliments about my HoodTie. It’s a great conversation starter. You will easily impress anyone. Take your look to the next level. I have and i’m never looking back. Maybe they’ll make matching cuff links? Hmmmm

  24. Carmine イタリア

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

     Il livello III è semplicemente … spettacolare. Già in fotografia pensavo fosse molto bello ed elegante, ma dal vivo rende ancora di più. È ancora più appariscente. Mi colpisce anche la sua leggerezza probabilmente dovuta dal materiale di cui è costruito, il titanio, le precise rifiniture come fosse un orologio, l’assoluta perfezione delle forme. È un oggetto che non può mancare nel guardaroba dell’uomo molto esigente.

  25. Varricchio イタリア

    Haston / Level I / チタンスレート

     Sono assolutamente incantato dalla bellezza e dalla eleganza di questo particolare gioiello! Ho avuto modo di indossarlo notando che non passa inosservato. È un accessorio per me indispensabile per fare una grande figura nel mio ambito lavorativo.

  26. Florian スイス

    Haston / Level II / チタンブラック

    Qualité de fabrication remarquable, d’un poids parfait. On ne le sent pas sur la cravatte et on attire l’attention!