Haston / Level III


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  • カラー: チタンブラック
  • トリム: ローズゴールド 5µ

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サイズ:幅 5.5cm x 高さ 5.5cm x 奥行き 2.1cm


  • 保証期間:2年
  • 軽量で耐久性のあるチタンを使用した精密なデザイン
  • 手作業による成形、研磨、仕上げ
  • 経年変化に強い特殊加工のカラーリング
  • 取り付け簡単(詳細はこちら)
  • 結び目にしっかり固定
  • 超軽量(40グラム)



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  1. Michael アメリカ合衆国

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

     Beautiful craftsmanship (Level III gold/ black), an exquisite accessory that will surely standout in the crowd. I got bored with the run of the mill Windsor and
    4-in-hand tie knots so I learned ‘fancy ones’ like the Elderidge and Trinity Knots. They’re cool but they can’t compare to the Hoodtie! And it’s so easy to put on, those other knots are kind of a pain to tie! Very pleased,
    worth the investment! Mike

  2. matsumoto 日本

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)



  3. Karim オーストラリア

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

    The ultimate accessory to stand out from the crowd!
    Very high quality and sleek design, I have received many compliments from wearing this.
    Easy to wear, well made and eye catching. Couldn’t go to an event without it.

  4. Daniel スウェーデン

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

    This jewel really makes the difference!
    An absolute masterpiece. I received my Hoodtie less than a week after the order and everything was perfect!
    I’m really amazed by the quality and the design.
    It’s a real eye-catcher!

  5. Nourdin オランダ

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

     First of all I would love to give a big compliment to Mr. Ferruccio for his great service and communication.

    The Hoodtie pieces are truly a work of art. The quality is amazing and it’s something that will make you stand out.

    Ones again thank you for the great service Mr. Ferruccio

  6. Lisardo イギリス

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

     Nothing beats this accessory

    I was looking for a man accessory that was different, unique and found hoodtie, what an idea, I can’t believe it hadn’t been done before.

    The quality is fantastic well worth the price. Hand made and excellent selected materials. this is all great but what I like the most is how easy is it to put it on and how it elevates your style.

    Nothing wrong to say, great work guys

  7. Philippe アメリカ合衆国

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

     I have the black on black version. I am one of these guys who love wearing perfectly tailored suits and Hoodtie is the perfect accessory. Ladies as well as guys inquire about this never before seen accessory when I attend formal events.

  8. Carmine イタリア

    Haston / Level III / チタンブラック (トリム: ローズゴールド)

     Il livello III è semplicemente … spettacolare. Già in fotografia pensavo fosse molto bello ed elegante, ma dal vivo rende ancora di più. È ancora più appariscente. Mi colpisce anche la sua leggerezza probabilmente dovuta dal materiale di cui è costruito, il titanio, le precise rifiniture come fosse un orologio, l’assoluta perfezione delle forme. È un oggetto che non può mancare nel guardaroba dell’uomo molto esigente.